Open source

Ultimaker open source filosophy

Ultimaker open source filosophy

Our roots are in open source and we are committed to strengthening the open source hardware and software community. We are preserving intellectual freedom, we believe it’s a shame to develop something good and to keep it to ourselves. We want to see your improvements without requiring permission to innovate.

Ultimaker design

Ultimaker 3D printers are open hardware, the design files are published for non-commercial usage. You can study, improve upon and modify them to your liking. Many add-ons were made for the Ultimaker! Our community has been a key factor in making Ultimaker leading in terms of performance, accuracy, speed and reliability.

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Our design files and source codes are available on GitHub. We believe open source simply creates better products, everyone collaborates. Don't hesitate to contact us, we want to hear about your ideas and improvements. All source codes are available for Cura. Design files and Bill of Materials are available for the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2.

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When GitHub has too much details for you, visit our page at YouMagine. This page visualizes the most important parts about Ultimaker being open source. More items will be added soon!

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