Cura bug fixes

Our R&D department has fixed some issues on our open source slicing platform Cura. Both for the Windows and Mac version, here you can download the new version of Cura.

The fixes are: * Fix: preference window failed to open properly on Mac. * Fix: mac “E steps preference” not used in actual GCode. * Fix: serial port settings not functioning for USB printing on Mac. * Fix: bed temperature not working for Mac. * Update: added keyboard support to switch layers in slicing viewer*. * Fix: objects turned black in some mirror & rotation uses. * Fix: slicing objects with Russian filenames. * Fix: saving projects in the project planner. * Update: default profiles (low/mid/high quality) have been tweaked for improved prints. * Fix: dual-extrusion slicing with 2 parts no longer stops at the lowest object. * Improved: installation on Linux. * Fix: defaults to full screen.

 * Now you can use your arrow keys through the sliced layers menu.
* Now you can use your arrow keys in the sliced layers menu.

Written by Sander van Geelen

Hi, I am Sander. At Ultimaker I am the Community Manager and member of the technical support team. I have been with Ultimaker almost from the very beginning and from day 1 it has been amazing. If there is anything you want to share or talk about, feel free to contact me.


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